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Wildlife Conservation - The Plight Of The North Atlantic Right Whale

There are only 400 North Atlantic Right Whales left in the world, and their fate lies in our hands. By the 1890's commercial whalers had hunted these ocean giants to the brink of extinction - because they were the 'right whale' to target. Thankfully whaling ended, and North Atlantic Right Whales were listed as 'Endangered' under the Endangered Species Act in 1970. Today, entanglements in commercial fishing ropes and ship strikes are the two leading causes of death to Right Whales by humans. To make matters worse, these whales are becoming harder to protect because we can't predict where they're moving! Climate change is altering marine ecosystems in the Atlantic, and shifting where these endangered whales spend their Summers.

North Atlantic Right Whale Facts: About

What You Can Do To Help

Sustainable Seafood

58% of human-caused right whale deaths come from entanglement in lobster/crab fishing rope. Know where your seafood comes from and support fishers who make an effort to protect these vulnerable whales. Download The Seafood Watch App!

Knowledge Is Power

Stay up to date on the latest news happening with North Atlantic Right Whales. Learn what science and policy measures are being used to protect these animals, and look out for opportunities to raise your voice in support! Arm yourself with knowledge today! 

Support Solutions

Researchers are working tirelessly to find solutions to the fishing and shipping threats faced by right whales. For example, 'ropeless' fishing gears are being developed to eliminate entanglements at their source. YOU can help by supporting their research!

North Atlantic Right Whale Facts: List
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