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The Conservation Ethic

Photographers have an incredible ability to document both the wonder, and destruction of our world's natural environments. But they also have a responsibility to not harm wildlife while taking photos, and set a positive example for others to follow. 

Overfishing, Climate Change, and Pollution pose massive threats to our planet. Join our global coalition of photographers and influencers by pledging to follow these 6 conservation actions. Together, we can change the world for the better.

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I pledge to set a positive example for others to follow by reducing my impact on the environment. I won't disturb wildlife, I'll use less plastic, and I'll stay on the trail. We live in a more connected world than ever before, so let's use social media for good, and collectively protect our world's natural places.

Download the pledge and share with your followers today! 

Positive Influence Pledge: About

Never Disturb Wildlife

While photographing wildlife, it's tempting to move closer for a better angle, or manipulate an animal's behavior by feeding it. But not only does this chase animals away from their habitat, but a fed animal is a dead animal. Learn more about alternative ways to improve your photography without disturbing your animal subjects.

Stay On The Trail

Many animals live in sensitive habitats that are easily disturbed by humans. Understand your surroundings before you trample across them to get a picture! We understand some of the best shots might lie off the beaten path, but follow these guidelines to help minimize your impact.

Only Use Drones Where They're Permitted

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Use Less Plastic

Single-use plastics are a modern-day epidemic. Everywhere we go, from the deepest oceans to the highest mountains, we find plastic remnants left behind. How can you help stop such a massive problem? Leave the world cleaner than you found it, and use less plastic in the first place.

Never Take Pictures With Mistreated Animals

NOBODY should ever post a photo with an animal that has been abused or mistreated. Around the world, animals are trained to take pictures with tourists so that they can post a picture on social media. The classic example is elephants that are abused so visitors can ride them and take a photo.

Educate Your Followers To Obey These Rules

The world we live in is more connected than ever before. When you post something on social media, everyone sees it. Instead of promoting habits and activities that harm wildlife for a picture, we challenge you to use your social platform for good. Take our pledge to follow these guidelines.

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