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Avoiding Crowds 101: Embrace The Off-Season

Timing is everything.

Not long ago in human history, the world was an endless expanse of wilderness. Today, that wilderness is disappearing at alarming rates. The irony is that, because of technology and social media, people are finally realizing how amazing these remaining natural wonders are, and have been flocking to them like we've never seen before.

As an outdoor enthusiast, here's my predicament: It's great to see new folks connecting with nature, but overcrowding sucks. There's no doubt that we need more people to realize the value of protecting our planet's ecosystems, but at the same time humans have a great track record of ruining nature when they visit it.

How can we inspire more people to connect with the outdoors without turning our National Parks into Amusement Parks?

Every natural place has a 'best' time of year to visit. Whether it's because the weather is nicer, or maybe it's because the stars align (literally), these popular times draw some major crowds.

But these places are still beautiful in the off-season too, showing a side that most people don't ever get to see! Plus you won't have to wait your turn to get a good picture.

Visiting popular natural areas in the off-season is a great way to spread the crowds thinner. As more people become inspired to opt outside, education will also become key. The crowds will only get worse, which is why it's so important that visitors develop a conservation ethic, and a respect for wildlife.

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