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Shop With The Planet In Mind This Holiday Season

Here in New England, it's getting dark out by 4:00pm, a clear sign that Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" tune will soon be branded permanently into our minds. It's also a sign that I should probably think about holiday shopping for my friends and family before I end up forever known as a 'bad gift-giver'.

This holiday season I implore you to spend with both people, and the planet in mind.

Covid-19 has taught us a few lessons, one of them being that it's important to support your local businesses. Not only because these folks are people we know and connect with daily, but because locally-produced goods and services are generally more sustainable. Let me break it down for you.

Locally produced goods haven't been shipped all over the world to get to your doorstep, they come from the community you live in.

And when it comes to feeding your grandparents, aunts, in-laws, neighbors, and the dogs under the table, locally-caught is usually your best bet. The US has some of the best-managed fisheries in the world, plus local is fresher. Check out Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch App to make sure you get the best fish for the ocean, and to impress the critiques in your family!

Your dollar does more than just purchase goods and services, it has the ability to support a more sustainable marketplace. Put your hard-earned cash to good use this holiday season, and let's build a better future together!

Looking for a gift for a good dog in your life this year? Check out my Whale's Tale dog leashes made right here in New England from recycled lobster fishing rope. 10% of all profits are donated to support solutions to marine debris in our oceans.

Prints available of your favorite New England hikes, seascapes, and wildlife! Email for inquiries and pricing! Check out some examples below...

The tree of life - Sunset in Lombok, Indonesia.

View of Crawford Notch from the Mt. Willard. White Mountains, New Hampshire.

Mount Washington's iconic Cog Railway. New Hampshire.

Sabbaday Falls in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.

Fire Island Lighthouse. Long Island, New York.

Sunset from the top of Cadillac Mountain. Acadia National Park, Maine.

Follow on Instagram @WildlifeByYuri for more photography!

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