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Witty Instagram Location Tags To Help Keep Your Local Spots A Secret

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

When you spend enough time outdoors, you eventually figure out that it's an unwritten code to keep good spots a secret.

You just don't go around shouting from the rooftops about an awesome hiking, surfing, or fishing spot. Yet today anytime someone sees a waterfall they voicelessly notify the entire world of their exact location via social media.

The goal is to prevent beautiful places from overcrowding, which is clearly a challenge today given the world's insatiable appetite for Instagram-worthy photos.

You quickly learn that this phenomenon is a VERY real problem when you pull up to a hike and can't even find a spot to park. Or when you finally get to the peak, only to see an actual line of people waiting to take a photo at the top.

Keep your spots safe from the plague of influencers in our world by using the following vague, misleading, and downright hilarious location tags!

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Funny Ocean Location Tags

Davy Jones Locker


Lost At Sea

Bikini Bottom

Lost City of Atlantis

The Crow's Nest

Wrong Island

Surfing Location Tags

Nunya Business Inc.


The Pit


The Green Room

Good Vibes Avenue

Surf Ranch

In A Van Down By The River


Parallel Universe

Victoria's Secret

Hiking Location Tags

The Shire

Bob Ross Studios

Half In The Bag

The North Pole

Over the hills and far away

Somewhere over the rainbow

The Milky Way Galaxy

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Peak

Middle Earth

Cruising Altitude

Environmental Location Tags

Mother Earth

Blue Planet

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Outdoors

Point Nemo

The High Seas

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