The Whale's Tale Dog Leash

Handmade from repurposed fishing rope, the Whale's Tale Dog Leash is built to weather any storm (or puppy). 10% of sales from every purchase is donated to researchers working to prevent marine debris from littering our oceans end entangling the animals who live there. 



Heavy Duty

Made from recycled maritime rope - very strong.

Protect Wildlife

10% of each sale is donated to researchers who are working to reduce bycatch, and prevent ghost-fishing in New England's fisheries. 

Locally Owned

Northeast US

Simple Design

Great for mid-large sized dogs. Simple look, and gets the job done.

The Untangling Process

Before we clean, tie, and test every dog leash made from recycled fishing rope, we have to untangle this big mess first. It's incredible to see how much rope comes from a single lobster trap!